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The World BPO/ITO Forum is an exclusive invitation-only event for C-level executives and decision-makers of U.S. enterprise companies who are currently using
�or are interested in evaluating �global sourcing opportunities and cloud services.
Health, Sensors, Wearables and the Internet of Things
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Presented by:
Stuart Crawford
VP Algorithms, JAWBONE
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Video Gallery - Summit 2013
Vivek Kundra
EVP of Emerging Markets, Salesforce.com; and Chief Information Officer of the United States (2009-2011)
Steve Sheinheit
former CIO, JPMorgan Chase, MetLife, QBENA
Babu Lal Jain
Co-Founder, World BPO/ITO Forum, Inc; Chairman, WICS
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presentation slides that offer further content for reference:
Introduction: Seismic Shift, Rift, Cliff… Why Should You Care?
Opening Keynote: A Smartsourcing Roadmap: Challenges and Strategies
Panel: Integrating Strategic BPO, ITO, KPO… and XXO: Unlocking Opportunities for the Creation of Sustainable Business Value and Growth
County Panel: The Rapidly Changing Landscape of Global Sourcing – Again!
Fireside Chat: Enabling Lean and Agile Sourcing through Highly Collaborative Models and
Multi-Location Portfolios
Session: The Impact of Cloud on BPO: Reality or Hype?
Session: The Evolving Role of the Successful CIO – May the Force(s) be with You! – Steve Sheinheit
Session: The Evolving Role of the Successful CIO – May the Force(s) be with You! – Jerry Luftman
Roundtable: Crowdsourcing: Leverage the Power of the Collective without Getting Lost in the Crowd
Cognizant Keynote: Managing the Crossroad: Sparks, Halos and the New Business of Meaning
Global Sourcing Council’s 3S Awards
Also, please see these sessions that have been transcribed by TranscribeMe!
Welcome Address by Jim Noble, World BPO/ITO Forum Chairman; Author; Former CIO of Talisman Energy, GM, AOL, GE, BP, & Altria; Principal, The Advisory Council
Opening Keynote - A Smartsourcing Roadmap: Challenges and Strategies by Hasan Dewan, Head of Global Technology & Operations, Russell Investments
Keynote - Managing at the Crossroad: Sparks, Halos and the New Business of Meaning by Ben Pring and Paul Roehrig, Center for the Future of Work, Cognizant Technology Solutions
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The Global Sourcing and Cloud Summit Presented by The World BPO/ITO Forum
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