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The World BPO/ITO Forum is an exclusive invitation-only event for C-level executives and decision-makers of U.S. enterprise companies who are currently using
�or are interested in evaluating �global sourcing opportunities and cloud services.
Health, Sensors, Wearables and the Internet of Things
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Presented by:
Stuart Crawford
VP Algorithms, JAWBONE
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Keynote Presentations 2011
Creating the Partner Ecosystem: Collaboration Beats Competition
Outsourcing is now a part of every large IT organization, and often with many partners who are competing with one another in the marketplace. So how do you set up a multi-partner "ecosystem" where the power of collaboration outweighs the force of competition?
  Dana S. Deasy
Group CIO & Group VP
IT & Services, BP
Transformational BPO:
Driving Enterprise Growth and Agility
  John M. Lutz
General Manager,
Global Process Services IBM
Emerging Trends in
Engineering BPO Services.
Global outsourcing of Engineering presents significant opportunities. During this presentation, we will discuss emerging trends in engineering services outsourcing, including key drivers changing industries, the evolving engineering services landscape, and where we see engineering services headed in the future.
  Patrick Weir
Lead Solution Director,
Engineering BPO Services,
Emerging Trends in
Engineering BPO Services.
Nearly 40% of humanity is now living in countries where standards of living will double in a little more than a decade and will likely increase 100-fold within a single human life span. The transformations underway in what used to be called the developing world particularly in India and China may rank with the Industrial Revolution and the Renaissance in terms of their historical significance. Dr. Summers suggests several scenarios for how the global economy could evolve and points out both the opportunities and challenges for businesses, investors and American public policy.
Dr. Lawrence Summers
Director, White House National Economic Council for President Barack Obama, 2009-2010; President, Harvard University, 2001-2006; Secretary of the Treasury, 1999-2001; Chief Economist of the World Bank, 1991-1993
  Introduced by
Surya Kant

President, North America Tata Consultancy Services
Emerging Trends: How Companies
Should Align Their Technology and Services
  Chris Kaisand
Managing Director,
Strategic Alliances and
Vendor Relations,
TD Ameritrade
  Rena Nigam
SVP & Head, Banking
& Capital Markets - Mature Geographies, MphasiS
Transformational Leadership and Strategies for Succeeding in the New Economic Order
  Sushma Rajagopalan
Head – Global Strategy & Business Process Services
L&T Infotech
  Mike Toma
VP & CTO, Automatic Data Processing, Inc.
Amir Dossal
Founder, Global Partnerships Forum, Former Executive Director, United Nations Office for Partnerships (UNOP)
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The Global Sourcing and Cloud Summit Presented by The World BPO/ITO Forum
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